A Quilting Journey

I am starting this journey not as a newbie to the world of quilting. My hope is to put together a quilt with square blocks and points that don’t get lost. The quilt below started out well but soon fell into that category of blocks that were not always square.

For this quilt I purchased charm parks and some yardage. About half way into making this quilt I noticed that the blocks were off. Thinking I had done something wrong I would put to the side the blocks that were giving me problems and figure out later what was wrong.

Pretty soon that pile got big so I had to stop and figure out what was wrong. I must have spent a couple of hours sitting there scratching my head. I finally opened another charm pack and using a square ruler saw the charm packs were off. Some as much as a 1/4  inch but most were 1/8 of an inch. To make it right I took apart what I had finished and started over squaring up each block. So much for convenience. 😦 Well as you can see I did get it finished so I am on to the next project. I will post my progress



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